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Havas Worldwide Explains the Basics of Branded Video

Should your company’s online video marketing strategy include branded content? Are you uncertain what that means? During a sit-down interview with (used here with permission), Len Kendall, director of social marketing for Havas Worldwide, explained how branded videos appeal to viewers.

Brand“If you’re creating branded content it needs to do one of two things: It needs to entertain or it needs to educate. The holy grail is to entertain. A lot of brands seek to do that, and those are the brands that win the Cannes Lions and get a lot of publicity,” Kendall said. “The much easier path is to educate, and that’s how-to videos, that’s basically creating content that people are looking for. And if we think about how people use the internet — search, using YouTube as search — if you’re providing a steady stream of valuable content that helps educate people, you’re going to have that stream of individuals who are engaging with the brand.”

Entertainment branded video is the more high-profile kind, and it’s also the more expensive kind.

“With branded entertainment, you’ve got to invest a lot of time and a lot of money to produce something that hits,” Kendall explained. “When you see Red Bull and GoPro and Budweiser and Coke having these massive branded entertainment campaigns, you can tell a lot of money went into that.”

For more on branded video, including why branded content will eventually replace the traditional 30- or 60-second spot, watch the full interview below.

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