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Combine TV and Mobile Ads for High Reach at Low Cost: BrightRoll

Mobile video advertising is a natural complement to TV advertising for brand marketers, says online video ad network BrightRoll, as mobile delivers increased reach for a low price. To prove its assertion, BrightRoll commissioned a study by Nielsen and created a report — “BrightRoll Insights: Mobile Video Advertising Strengthens TV Media Investments” — available for free download.

BrightRollMobileStudyTV still offers the broadest reach, BrightRoll says, but mobile video is growing in use and importance. Pairing the two reaches a fragmented audience while improving return on investment (ROI).

After studying TV ad campaigns supplemented with mobile video ads, Nielsen found reach could improve as much as 12.7 percent. That occurred in the CPG (consumer packaged goods) category targeting women 25 to 54. Auto campaigns targeting adults 25 to 54 rose by 11.9 percent, and financial services campaigns targeting adults 18 to 49 rose by 9.9 percent.

Advertising on TV, brands quickly arrive at a point of diminishing returns when trying to increase reach, Nielsen found. Trying to boost reach above 60 percent of their targeted audience can cost brands $707,000 per percentage point.

The smart way to increase reach, the study finds, is to invest in mobile video.

“As video consumption on mobile devices continues to accelerate, complementing TV buys with an incremental investment in a mobile video advertising strategy will result in a more efficient use of a marketer’s advertising dollars,” the study says.

Using mobile video is also a smart way to reach younger consumers. The study notes that millennials are heavy mobile video viewers, with 43 percent being “mobile dominate” for digital media consumption.

For more on mobile video advertising, download the free study (registration required).


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