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For Brand Authenticity, Hand Creative Control to YouTube Stars

When you give up control, you get back something even greater. That’s what brands are discovering when they partner with YouTube stars and give those stars complete creative control over the message. It’s scary, but the results are undeniable.

There’s a good reason to hand over control, says Mark Waugh, global managing director for ZenithOptimedia’s Newcast division: it creates an authentic message.

CasparLee“The rise of not just integrations that are very smart within online programming, but also handing over creative control to YouTube creators or other video natives are increasing what brands are doing,” Waugh explains. “They’re doing it because the voice of the story they’re telling needs to be authentic. It’s going to be most authentic if you hand over creative control to the creator and the producer — usually the same person in the case of a YouTube talent — to tell the story.”

Waugh has firsthand experience with handing over control, and the completed video went viral.

“We’ve done for O2 — small plug — in the U.K. for the launch of 4G we’ve accessed Caspar Lee, who’s now just gone through three million subs,” Waugh says. “In a video where we talk about 4G in the U.K. we handed him effectively creative control to talk about how does 4G help him reach his audience, his fanbase better. He came up with an idea called ‘Selfies with Strangers’…That video — that short video, eight minutes — has now reached 1.4 million views.”

To hear more about working with YouTube influencers, watch the interview below (from, used with permission).


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