Online Video Marketing Moves Fast Food: Videology Report

For anyone tired of vague online video marketing promises, video advertising technology company Videology has done you a favor. The people at Videology have just released a report with three case studies showing how targeted online video marketing helped three fast food places (or “quick serve restaurants,” in industry-speak) accomplish their goals.

VideologyFastFoodThe focus of the report is showing that “offline sales performance can be improved by using digital video on its own, or in conjunction with television advertising.” Online video does this by building awareness and increasing overall campaign reach, serving targeted consumer groups (whether defined by age, geography, behavior, or more), and determining and streaming the right ad frequency to boost sales.

In the first case study, Videology looks at a regional restaurant that wanted to increase sales by using promotional messages. The restaurant already used TV advertising, but its results had plateaued. It needed a budget-friendly way to increase its reach within a specific location.

After putting together a targeted campaign for the restaurant — one that emphasized value-focused messaging — Videology found a lift in the number of customer visits for those who saw the online video ads. Total spend per customer rose while the average transaction size decreased. That showed customers were visiting more often and ordering the promoted value options.

To read about this and the other case studies, download Videology’s report on quick-serve restaurants for free (no registration required).



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