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Explainer Vids Make Marketing Simple Enough for an Eight-Year-Old

Video marketing jargon is hard. Unnecessarily so. We get that. In fact, we’ve had conversations with multiple media professionals who confessed that they didn’t know what programmatic buying meant.

Advertising Age knows this, too, so it’s created a helpful series of videos that explain marketing jargon in terms that even a child would comprehend. The videos are quick, humorous, and informative. They can be your dirty little secret: No one has to know you needed a helping hand. Just shut your office door before you watch them.

AdAgeSo far the series has three videos: programmatic, viewability, and ad fraud. Each one takes the same format, with a suit-and-tie marketing exec (played by Advertising Age staff reporter Alex Kantrowitz) talking marketing terms with an actual young person. Those young actors steal the show, confused as to why anyone would buy an ad that can’t be seen, for example, or why the term “programmatic” sounds so much more complicated that it actually is.

Understanding marketing terms is one thing. Understanding the sometimes odd ideas behind them, well that’s another entirely.

We’ve embedded the first three “Explain it Like I’m Eight” videos below. For more, bookmark the series page on We hope the series grows quickly. After all, there are a lot of marketing terms that need explaining.


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