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3 Tech Tips for Using Online Video to Communicate With Customers

YorktelThere’s an ugly little secret that many in the online video industry choose to ignore: Streaming video doesn’t always perform that well. Still. Despite all the broadband connections and advanced codecs in place, viewers often see halted, jerky video. For companies relying on online video, it’s a hard reality.

The people at video business services company Yorktel want to help, so they’ve created a white paper offering best practices for video conferencing, streaming media, and webcasts. Here’s a summary of what Yorktel has to say:

  1. Choose adaptive bitrate video

Adaptive bitrate streaming adds a layer of intelligence to video that ensures all viewers get the best quality they can handle. Rather that streaming a fixed rate stream to viewers, adaptive bitrate video automatically switches to a higher resolution when the connection is good and a lower resolution when pipes get congested. It greatly reduces stuttering and buffering. Choose an adaptive format when encoding video, or talk to your video hosting company about adaptive streaming.

  1. Be smart with internal video.

Enterprises are streaming a lot more video to their workers, but they need to be smart about it so they don’t overload their networks. Unicast streaming creates a high-bandwidth personal connection for each viewer. Multicast streaming creates a one-to-many connection. Yorktel recommends a hybrid system streaming multicast video in-house and unicast video to remote viewers.

  1. Use a CDN

For enterprises streaming to customers in many different locations, hosting videos with a CDN (content delivery network) is essential. CDNs have web servers around the globe, and stream from the nearest server to each viewer. This reduces latency and packet loss.

For more from Yorktel, including its look at 4K video in the workplace, download the white paper “3 Best Practices for Video Conferencing, Streaming Media, and Webcasts” for free (registration required).


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