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Veenome Tames the Wild West of YouTube, Assures Brand Safety

If brand advertisers are a little leery of moving their ad budgets to YouTube, they have reason to be. While YouTube has taken the place of television for younger viewers especially, it can be a risky place for advertisers. Brands don’t want to damage their reputations by advertising on videos with adult-oriented content.

To solve that problem, video intelligence company Veenome [1] today launched YouTube Channel Content Analytics [2], which automates the process of making sure channels are brand-safe (meaning they don’t portray drugs, violence, nudity, or other content with a negative association).

Veenome’s tool checks channels in several ways. It analyzes the images and audio of videos when they’re posted, and also scans text descriptions and comments. It even looks at the video players used, checking their size and position.

After examining these areas, Veenome’s tool create a quality score, which is updated daily for each channel. Advertisers and agencies that subscribe to the service get updated scores in real-time so they can make timely decisions about where campaigns should run.

Besides getting the quality scores, customers get the raw data behind the numbers. That way they can see exactly whey a channel was rated they way it was.

“As a natural product extension of our current offerings, brand safety across YouTube Channel videos enables brands to invest smarter, while focusing on highly targeted and quality media and performance, and vigilantly protecting their brand,” says Veenome founder and CEO Kevin Lenane.

Customers receive Veenome channel quality scores via an API, which they can use in programmatic bidding systems. Pricing for the new service varies, and is based on advertising CPMs. Follow up with Veenome for more details.