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Serving the Right Ads to the Right Viewers: The Online Challenge

What audience is your brand trying to reach? Understanding what content targeted viewers enjoy is the key to serving them better, as well as targeting them with appropriate online video ads.

Content owners and advertisers have been struggling to keep up with the changes in viewing habits. Advertisers have more tools than ever, but they’re still trying to keep pace. At the recent Streaming Media East conference in New York City, Domenico DiMeglio, vice president of distribution and operations for CBS Interactive, talked about changes in advertising to TV and online video viewers. Broadcasters get credit for shows and ads watched within three days being saved to a DVR — called C3 ratings — but that short-changes them out of a lot of viewers.

Advertising_LG“We’re focused on being agnostic to where people watch,” DiMeglio said. “DVR viewing has been a challenge for everyone in the industry in terms of a couple things — half the commercials are fast-forwarded through. But I think the bigger challenge is we only get credit through that C3 window, so there’s been a big push in the industry — we’ve been very vocal about it — we’re hopefully moving closer and closer towards C7 measurement, so we open up and capture even more viewing.”

For online content, the challenge is in serving targeted ads to the right demographic.

“For all the benefits of measurement and being able to sell across platforms with that demo-met verification, it also introduced the model of wasted impressions that exists on TV,” DiMeglio continued. “Given that we’re digital, given that we can know more about our audience, influence the targeting dynamically upon serving the ad, we’re really focused on trying to understand who our audience is so we give them the best possible experience, as well as delivering for our advertisers the best experience.”

Broadcasters need to help advertisers reach the demographic they’re targeting, all without wasted impressions.

For more on monetizing premium video, watch the full discussion below.


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