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Premium Online Video: Does Production Value Matter Anymore?

When it’s time to run an online video campaign, where do you want your ads to play? Certainly not on some user-generated YouTube video, right? But what if that video drove the best response?

Advertisers want to be around quality content, but the definition of quality content changes with online video. At the recent Streaming Media East conference in New York City, Frank Torres, brand strategy and activation leader for YouTube, argued that online hits are niche but highly engaging.

YouTubePhone“You were around a high-quality show like Friends because of the buzz and the water cooler talk it created and the audience that you were able to hit,” Torres observed. “If you take that same premise and apply that to online video, I think that opens up a much more engaged audience that still creates that water cooler and buzz talk, just not in the open air like television once did. Now it’s much more niched.”

When TV advertisers move to online video, they want to appear on brand-safe premium content. However, the definition of premium content changes online, and production value isn’t a good indicator.

“I think as things continue to be more and more popular, and a certain segmentation of the population — that’s going to grow to be 33 percent of the population pretty soon — continues to focus on that type of content, it’s going to force these other players to start to understand how to engage that audience. I think that’s a really important point that the definition of quality can be split up, as well,” Torres said. “It’s engaged audience or is it production value? I would argue that production value isn’t as important anymore and it’s going to become less important.”

For more on the new world of online video advertising, watch the full discussion below.

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