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Fast Company Looks at Brand-Building With YouTube’s Biggest Names

Fast Company [1] just released an excellent four-part video series on the business of being a YouTube star, and with its permission we’re posting the series here. What makes the series notable is that Fast Company was able to interview many of the biggest names in YouTube, such as MysteryGuitarMan, Bethany Mota, and the Gregory Brothers (pictured here) to learn their secrets on building an audience, working with MCNs (multi-channel networks), and making a living with online video.

GregoryBrothersIn one video on selling the brand, Fast Company interviewed Ingrid Nilsen — better known as MissGlamorazzi [2], a young YouTube star with 2.8 million subscribers — on how she builds her personal brand.

“Now I have this brand that continues to grow, and I’m hoping to grow it more in the future,” Nilsen said. “I want it to be an all-encompassing lifestyle brand that really focuses on a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally.”

Will YouTube success translate into other areas? For many, it already has. A few days ago, Variety released a study showing that YouTube celebs are more popular [3] than mainstream celebs for U.S. teens. As millennials get older, YouTube celebrity will go mainstream.

“I think there’s really no limit to what they can do in this space as long as they’re creating content and branded opportunities that speak to what the community wants to see and speaks to what their brand has to say,” adds Wally Weilbaecher, vice president for the MCN Collective Digital Studios [4].

Scroll down to see all of Fast Company’s series. It’s a great introduction to the world of YouTube celebrity, and that’s something every online video marketer should know.