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What Does ‘Conversion’ Mean for Online Video? Is it Just Sales?

Online video marketing experts often talk about the importance of converting viewers, or of making a conversion. But what does that mean? Perhaps you’ve seen experts talk of converting viewers into buyers. Does “conversion” simply mean making a sale?

ConversionElementsNo, says David Boyll, director of digital media technology and brand marketing at Oracle. caught up with him at the recent Reel Video Summit in San Francisco, California, and asked him about something he mentioned on stage: Conversion isn’t just about making a sale.

“When we talk about the work ‘conversion’ in the context of online video, sometimes the traditional marketing usage of the word conversion can apply. In other words, ‘I want to convert this viewer of the video into a sale lead,’ Boyll explained. “But we can look at conversion as something that extends to potentially converting someone into an event attendeeā€¦[or] converting someone into a sales lead.”

A conversion could be any action that takes a passive viewer and brings them deeper into awareness and interaction with your brand. What the conversion is depends on your marketing goals and where you’d like to take that viewer.

“A great way to think about conversion is ‘What action do I want my viewer of the video to take?'” Boylee asked. Watch our full interview with him below to learn not only what conversion is in video marketing, but ways to get your viewers to take that next step.


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