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6 Ways to Wake Up Sales Operations with Online Video: uStudio

Sales a little sluggish? Online video can pep that right up, says cloud-based video management company uStudio. The company has released an excellent white paper called “Using Video to Transform Your Sales Operation” full of practical advice.

uStudioSalesIs your sales team already using video? Can it find appropriate sales resources when needed and use them effectively? Here’s a small section from the uStudio white paper listing six ways online video can solve sales challenges:

  • Speed: Your sales team relies on a variety of resources being kept up to date, such as product information, promotional offers, and sales training. By using video you can update those resources quickly when needed and distribute them to sales people in any location.
  • Reach: Your sales efforts can go farther with online video. Communicate your message to anyone on any device, whether they’re in a sales meeting, a trade show, or on your website. By watching a video, customers will get your message faster than if they read text documents.
  • Suitability: Online video works for a variety of occasions, such as teaching, training, delivering product information, giving demos, presenting how-tos, or offering service and support.
  • Efficacy: People remember messages they’ve seen in online videos. In fact, the medium is as effective as instructor-based training.
  • Productivity: With online video, your sales reps will need less training time. That means they’ll have more time to sell products.
  • ROI: With a trackable online video system, you’ll know who watched your videos and for how many minutes. That lets you know how long your sales team spent leaning and which potential customers could use a sales call.

Get the full uStudio white paper with much more advice on using online video to drive sales. It’s available as a free download (registration required).


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  1. Love the fact that this post talks about ‘sales video’ vs ‘marketing video’.

    The reality is that video can be an extremely effective sales tool to educate purchasers.

    Take a watch of some of the reasons why one of our clients did a series of sales videos –


    Posted by Robert Weiss - MultiVision Digital | August 20, 2014, 4:23 pm
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