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2 Best Practices for Branded Video Success

When Joe Migliozzi, New York lead for digital at marketing services agency Mindshare, started working in branded video, it was a wild west. Agencies were taking guesses when they created online videos. Since then, the area has matured quickly and clear best practices have emerged.

MarketingKeySpeaking to an interviewer for, Migliozzi explained two of his company’s best practices for creating branded video:

1. Produce content that fits the platform

There’s no one-size-fits-all for online brand video. What works on TV probably won’t work online, and different platforms require different approaches.

“We can take that 15-second spot and put it online, but it would be great to have more assets to use in the online space of different varying lengths, as well,” Migliozzi says.

2. Skip the heavy branding

The TV approach is to put a logo in front of viewers early and often, so they know whose commercial they’re watching. But that kind of heavy-handedness doesn’t work online where the viewer has to choose to watch and share the video.

“If we’re looking for longer-form content, it doesn’t have to be in your face with the brand image all of a sudden, but provides value to the consumer,” Migliozzi says.

In the interview, Migliozzi also offers advice on working with YouTube stars, or influencers, to tap into their audiences.

“They are their own brand, so they’re actually taking their brand and putting it up with your client’s brand. They bring a lot of value to that and a lot of credibility,” Migliozzi says. “It doesn’t have to be a heavily branded spot, but mixing those two brands together really provides more for the viewer and you’ll hear a different point of view than what people typically hear from the brand.” That brings more credibility to the product.

For more branded video advice, including why how-to videos are a smart thing to create, watch the full interview below (used with permission).


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