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YouTube Announces Playlist Improvements and More

YouTube [1] is continuously rolling out improvements for its creators and viewers. During the recent VidCon convention in Anaheim, California, YouTube previewed several improvements that will come out in the near future.

YouTubeArrowsThe biggest improvement for brand marketers will be to playlists. YouTube didn’t give many details, but said that that it would add more ways to create playlists and that the time spent building them would translate into easier discovery by viewers. Building playlists is a great way to engage interested viewers and turn one view into multiple views. YouTube recently added playlist analytics to its analytic offerings.

On-screen annotations are a good way to motivate viewers to subscribe to a channel or watch another video, but they certainly aren’t attractive. YouTube promised that would soon change. New interactive information cards will have a clean look, says YouTube, and will work for viewers on any device.

Do you run a global brand with motivated fans? Soon, YouTube will introduce the ability for fans to upload their own subtitles. After you’ve created one set of subtitles for a video, fans will be able to submit their own translations based on the original. It’s a great way to build support and spread a message.

Other promised improvements include thousands of royalty-free sound effects added to YouTube’s Audio Library, support for 48- and 60-frames per second video, and fan funding (like having KickStarter build right into YouTube). Watch for these improvements and more to show up in the coming months.