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World Cup Increases Branded Video Viewership by 16 Percent in Q2 2014

Visible Measures, the engagement platform for branded content, today announced the release of its Q2 2014 Branded Video Report which revealed that audiences watched branded video more than 2.8 billion times, resulting in the highest single quarter of viewership that the company has recorded.

These record-breaking numbers are predominantly a product of high viewership surrounding World Cup campaigns. Additional viewership numbers came from Dove’s popular “Patches” campaign in April.

Overall, branded video viewership increased by 16 percent over Q1 2014, when the Super Bowl, Winter Olympics, and NCAA Tournament took place. Nearly 555 million views in Q2 were the result of campaigns created for the World Cup, which accounts for 19 percent of the quarter’s total views. As a result of these campaigns, views grew by more than 50 percent over Q2 of last year.

“This quarter, we saw the top campaign reach more than 100 million views, making it one of only 18 campaigns to ever surpass that milestone,” said Brian Shin, CEO and Founder of Visible Measures. “The growing viewership of branded campaigns is a testament to the importance of video as a tool for marketers to engage consumers.”

Some of the details from Visible Measures’ Q2 2014 Branded Video Report include:

Top 5 Campaigns
1.      Nike’s “Risk Everything”: True Reach® of 117,894,032 views
2.      Nike’s “The Last Game”: True Reach of 83,734,368 views
3.      Samsung’s “Galaxy 11: The Training”: True Reach of 73,069,395 views
4.      Dove’s “Patches”: True Reach of 58,352,036 views
5.      Adidas’ “The Dream”: True Reach of 42,748,495 views

Top 5 Brands
1.      Nike: True Reach of 258,913,106 views
2.      Samsung: True Reach of 184,604,632 views
3.      Adidas: True Reach of 103,794,170 views
4.      Google: True Reach of 82,221,399 views
5.      Dove: True Reach of 62,392,644 views

Top 5 Agencies
1.      Wieden + Kennedy Portland: True Reach of 235,477,785 views
2.      Cheil Worldwide: True Reach of 82,848,064 views
3.      Ogilvy & Mather Brazil: True Reach of 61,279,621 views
4.      BETC Paris: True Reach of 55,249,354 views
5.      TBWAChiatDay: True Reach of 43,290,551 views

Top 5 Verticals
1.      Apparel & Accessories: True Reach of 389,298,580 views
2.      Electronics: True Reach of 335,829,548 views
3.      Health & Beauty: True Reach of 331,966,991 views
4.      Automotive: True Reach of 309,397,967 views
5.      Retail: True Reach of 220,721,271 views

In this quarterly report, Visible Measures looked at the most watched campaigns, brands, creative agencies, and industries in branded video. The data provided in this report is based on Visible Measures’ Share of Choice® Q2 2014 reporting, a competitive analysis of brand performance in branded video. Share of Choice reveals the brands consumers choose to watch most in an industry.

All campaigns in this report are measured using the True Reach metric – renowned as the gold standard of online video viewership measurement and used by Ad Age, The Wall Street Journal, leading brands, advertising agencies, and publishers. It provides the most accurate and reliable way to quantify views associated with viral videos by measuring the viewership of brand-syndicated videos, as well as associated user-uploaded copies and derivatives, across hundreds of the web’s most visited video sites.

To download the full report, please visit

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Visible Measures is the engagement platform branded content. Long considered the most trusted source for branded video data and insights, Visible Measures provides an end-to-end solution for delivering engagement at scale through its breakthrough programmatic platform – FabricSM – which connects brands’ video and native advertising with audiences in the most contextually relevant environments. Visible Measures works with hundreds of global brands, agencies, trading desks, and publisher clients, which include Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Nestlé, VivaKi, and Condé Nast. Visit us online at or follow us on Twitter @Visiblemeasures.

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