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Tubular Offers 5 Secrets for YouTube Marketing Success

Posted By Troy Dreier On July 24, 2014 @ 7:23 pm In Video Essentials | Comments Disabled

Want to get ahead on YouTube? Of course you do. Well, it’s not complicated. Allison Stern, co-founder of YouTube marketing specialist Tubular [1] presented the 5 secrets to succeeding on YouTube today at the Reel Video Summit in San Francisco, California, and it only took her 15 minutes.

YouTubeArrows“No video strategy is complete without thinking about YouTube and how you’re going to complete on the platform,” Stern said. Over 2,500 brands and media companies rely on Tubular to improve their YouTube performance, she said, so she knows a little about YouTube success. Think like a creator, not a brand, she said.

Now for those tips. They fall into the areas of content, influencers, engagement, promotion, and optimization.

1. Think evergreen content, not viral hits

Creating content is hard, and brands can’t count on creating the next big viral hit. What they can count on, Stern said, is creating content on a consistent basis and building engagement with viewers.

2. Hire Bethany Mota, not Tina Fey

While working with mainstream celebrities might seem like a sure-fire approach, working with online video stars pays off much more on YouTube. Stern showed the results of brand video campaigns with Fey and Mota in which Mota’s campaign drew millions more viewers and shares. Look for rising YouTube stars to get an online celeb for a bargain rate.

3. Mobilize your community

YouTube is a two-way street, Stern said. Get to know your audience and engage with them. Put yourself out there and make the effort to interact with key influencers. The results will pay off big.

4. Spend on promotion, not production

“The amount of money you put into your video can actually work against you,” Stern said, noting that on YouTube authenticity counts for more that a big budget. Rather than lavishing money on video production, spend it on paid promotion and get your videos in front of your desired audience.

5. Spend less time on planning, and more time reacting to successes

Big brands love to plan out detailed campaigns, but that’s not what leads to YouTube success. Instead, simply put stuff out and see what works, Stern said. Embrace trial and error. When you find something that works, move in that direction.

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