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Tubular Labs Unveils Brand Intelligence Dashboard

Online video intelligence company Tubular Labs unveiled a revolutionary new marketing platform today that enables brands and advertisers to gauge and increase engagement with all brand-related YouTube videos. Tubular’s Brand Intelligence Dashboard gives brands real-time snapshots of how official, fan uploaded and competitor videos are performing across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

All data is from Tubular’s proprietary AudienceGraph, which analyzes 150 million video fans, their content preferences and their behaviors. The Brand Intelligence Dashboard is the first platform that includes every brand, full historical data and real-time trends filterable by topic.

Brands are able to find, track and compare their brand-related videos with one easy-to-use dashboard that then lets them develop or recalibrate a paid campaign, connect with influencers who are engaging with their brand, get real-time intelligence on brand engagement, uncover what their competitors are doing and identify the exact demographics they want to target.

The Brand Intelligence Dashboard is key for brands that want to improve their YouTube content and TrueView ad targeting, with one initial test on the Dashboard improving a major consumer packaged goods company’s click-through rate by 350%. Currently over 2,500 content publishers on YouTube who collectively deliver one billion monthly views to 280 million subscribers use Tubular Labs to grow their audiences over 50% faster than average.

With the digital video ad spend forecasted to reach $10 billion worldwide in 2014, major brands and multi-national businesses are jumping into YouTube without a real road map and finding it nearly impossible to find and grow their audience. Everyone has been looking for tools that make sense of the billions of videos in the YouTube ecosystem and Tubular aims to make the Brand Intelligence Dashboard the first of many tools that translate data to meaningful metrics for brands and marketers on YouTube and beyond.

“Since the online video market is exploding and new content is being created every moment, brands need easy and effective tools that help them understand what’s happening with their brand on YouTube. The Brand Intelligence Dashboard demystifies the world of YouTube and empowers brands to make quick data-informed decisions to improve content, optimize promotion, and grow audience on the platform.”
– Allison Stern, VP Enterprise Solutions, Tubular Labs

Known as the leader in tracking and surfacing key online video insights and recommendations, Tubular Labs provides software and services to help brands, agencies, and media companies succeed at online video. Learn more about the Brand Intelligence Dashboard and sign up for a free 30-day trial at Tubular Labs.