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People Have Watched Your Company’s Online Video — Now What?

Where should the viewer go next?

Getting viewers to watch your company’s latest online video is only the beginning. When you’re hosting videos on a company website or a brand microsite, you control the environment, so you need to create a path for viewers to follow. Sure, you want them to watch a video, but you don’t want them to stop there. What should they do next? Tell them and show them.

VideoSelectionWe caught up with Tom Wilde, the CEO of Ramp, at the recent Reel Video Summit in San Francisco, California, and he passed along some tips about creating a first-rate online video experience. Here’s what he had to say about giving viewers a path to take.

“The other unique thing about video is it’s so interactive and so immersive, you want to be thinking about what is the outcome of someone watching this video you’re trying to achieve,” Wilde said. “Are you trying to drive a lead, a registration, a sale? To do that, you want to make sure there’s some interactive elements around the video — like lead forms — that are somehow tied to the content and the concept of the video that you’re showing.”

Don’t leave those viewers hanging. If they’re interested in your product, they may want to read more about it or request more information. They might want a sales call. Or perhaps they just want to see more of your excellent videos. Whichever the case, make it easy on them and provide a variety of actions they can take next.

By the way, Ramp just released a new product, Ramp for Video Marketing, which lets marketers host videos, create microsites, and integrate calls-to-action in their clips.

Watch the video below for more video experience tips from Tom Wilde.


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