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One-Size-Fits-All Doesn’t Work for Brand Strategies on YouTube

What works for one industry on YouTube might not work for another. That’s one of the things YouTube marketing specialist Pixability learned after conducting detailed studies of the beauty and consumer electronics areas. We caught up with Pixability CMO Rob Ciampa at the Reel Video Summit in San Francisco, California, and he explained how different companies need to take different approaches.

“One of the things we’re seeing that was the most striking is we’re seeing the maturation of YouTube now where every single industry now has its distinct characteristics,” Ciampa says. “Basically a one-size-fits-all policy for YouTube, which was fine a couple years ago, no longer plays in our new business.”

In the beauty area, Pixability learned that the major brands don’t control the conversation. Instead, thousands of beauty bloggers, often recording from their bedrooms, are telling millions of shoppers about the latest products and how to use them. Their videos are both useful and authentic, elements often lacking from slickly-produced makeup ads. Beauty companies need to learn how to work with these independents, perhaps by sponsoring videos or including their work in brand channel playlists.

The surprise in the consumer electronics area is that consumers look to YouTube to make their brand decisions, but look to Google for their buying decisions. Knowing that undecided shoppers need help picking a brand should inspire electronics marketers to create YouTube videos that show off their products’ features and abilities.

Watch the video below for more video marketing insights from Rob Ciampa.


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