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Dos and Don’ts of YouTube Brand Marketing From Brendan Gahan

YouTube allows brands to tailor the look and performance of their channels with custom-created gadgets, but one YouTube marketing expert says save your money.

Up until late 2013, Brendan Gahan was the widely influential vice president of brand strategy for multi-channel network Fullscreen. That changed when he branched out and created his own YouTube marketing consultancy. (PepsiCo is already a client.). We caught up with him at the recent Reel Video Summit in San Francisco, California, for a little free advice. Creating a custom YouTube gadget was high on his list of what not to do.

DoAndDont“One of the biggest don’ts is interrupting the user experience,” Gahan explained. “People spend a lot of time on YouTube, they understand it, and when you insert something that’s not something that they’re used to, the results don’t translate.”

If you’re not sure what these gadgets are, take a look at the YouTube channels for Lufthansa, Rolex, and BMW. These are big brands that put their marketing money into custom gadgets. But the Lufthansa and Rolex channels only have about 16,000 subscribers, while the BMW has fewer than 200.

As Gahan said, custom gadgets only get in the way for viewers. Put your online video marketing money elsewhere.

By the way, when researching this we discovered that many big brands that paid for YouTube gadgets have already removed them. Good call.

Watch the video below for more YouTube marketing advice from Brendan Gahan.

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