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The 5 Elements Consumer Electronics Brands Are Missing on YouTube

Not even consumer electronics giants like Apple and Samsung have cracked the secret to YouTube, says Pixability. If these giants are struggling, don’t feel bad if your company is still getting up to speed on YouTube video marketing.

Pixability recently published a massive study of CE company activity on YouTube, and uncovered many surprises. Among them is that even the giants of CE are missing out on simple YouTube improvements.

PixabilityCE2After looking at the YouTube posting activity of 25 major CE brands, here’s what Pixability says they still need to learn.

1. Tease the Audience

Teaser videos, which are brief and point the way to highly anticipated product releases, are highly popular, yet few CE companies create them. Harness the audience’s anticipation and tease what’s coming next.

2. Think Strategically

Time video releases around new products or campaigns, says Pixability. Release the right videos at the right time to heighten customer interest.

3. Is Tech a Boys’ Club?

Women like tech, too, yet most CE videos are geared to a male audience. Remember female customers and create videos with them in mind.

4. Don’t Go it Alone

YouTube stars often collaborate with one another to help build their audiences, but CE brands are missing out on this useful strategy. Enlist some A-list YouTube talent to help promote your message. You’ll build YouTube cred and reach new customers. Creating celebrity videos is also a good way to get attention.

5. Make Videos Searchable

Posting videos on YouTube isn’t enough — you also need to make them easy to find. CE companies need to create thumbnails that show their videos’ titles, and use metatags and descriptions to make their videos more searchable. Also, optimize the brand’s YouTube channel with graphics and playlists.

Download the full Pixability YouTube consumer electronics study for free (registration required).


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