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3 Takeaways From Pixability’s Massive Consumer Electronics Study

If the employees at YouTube marketing software company Pixability seem tired, it’s because they just finished a mammoth study of consumer electronics videos on YouTube. To create the study — called “Consumer Electronics on YouTube” [1] — they pored over the YouTube practices of 25 major CE brands, as well as over 100,000 independent YouTubers who have uploaded over 900,000 videos. Sounds like someone’s earned a vacation.

PixabilityCE1The goal of Pixability’s study was to find out how major consumer electronics brands approached YouTube, what practices were working, and how shoppers search online for their next phone, camera, or fitness device.

The study turned up volumes of data which Pixability has helpfully distilled into three key insights:

1. A TV Strategy Doesn’t Work on YouTube

YouTube isn’t the place for brands to dump their TV commercials, and yet that’s what many brands do. Pixability found that 37 percent of YouTube videos by CE brands are traditional TV commercials, but those only get 10 percent of the total views. On the flip side, high-profile videos that feature products, celebrities, and elaborate storylines get 123 times the views of the average CE video.

2. Shoppers Search Google and YouTube Differently

When people are researching a product, they turn to YouTube. By the time they search on Google, they’re looking for deals and have already formed a brand preference. Understanding that shoppers are doing research will help consumer electronics brands create useful YouTube videos.

3. Brands Need to Work With Bloggers

In the weeks before a consumer electronics product launch, shoppers turn to YouTube brand videos for information. Once the product is out, shoppers are more likely to turn to blogs and independent video creators for information. Work with bloggers to get them information, video content, and devices to review at the appropriate time.

For more, download the full study [1] for free (registration required). Pixability will host a webinar [2] on the study on July 16, 2014.