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The Top Ten Stories from OnlineVideo.net’s Fourth Year

It’s been a great year at OnlineVideo.net, and now we pause for a minute to look back.

TopTen2This year, OnlineVideo.net continued its emphasis on online video marketing, determined to be the best, most comprehensive, most useful, and most focused online video marketing site around. Page views have been strong and we’ve gotten some quality advertisers. Thanks to all our regular readers for another smash year.

Here’s the content that’s brought the most people in this year. Not surprisingly, popular articles from previous years continue to be a draw. We’re lucky to have such a library of production- and marketing-related stories on-hand.

1. Live Streaming Showdown: Ustream, Justin.tv, Livestream, Bambuser [1]

Jan Ozer’s comprehensive comparison of the top live streaming sites is the one people keep coming back for. It’s an essential read for anyone ready to offer live video.

2. The Top Ten Reasons to Upgrade to Adobe Premiere Pro CC [2]

OnlineVideo.net might focus on marketing tips, but our readers still love production stories. Jan Ozer explains why Premiere Pro CC is worth the price of the subscription.

3. How to Dramatically Improve Your Video Quality in Adobe Premiere [3]

This video from Jan Ozer shows how an often overlooked Premiere setting can noticeably improve video quality.

4. Apple iMovie 10.0: A Video Guide [4]

The three videos presented here tell video editors everything they need to know about iMovie 10.0.

5. Streaming Vs. Progressive Download Vs. Adaptive Streaming [5]

This excerpt from a video compression book by Jan Ozer explains the differences in the ways broadcasters can offer online video.

6. 10 Free and Cheap Online Video Production Tools and Resources [6]

Everyone loves a freebie. Several readers have added comments to this story naming additional favorite low-cost video resources.

7. The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Video Marketing [7]

This year, we created a terrific bundle of YouTube marketing resources and offered them as a downloadable PDF. Click here to get it. You’ll need to register, but the guide is free.

8. Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro, Vegas Pro, or a Cloud Editor? [8]

Which of these four video editing options is for you? Not everyone needs a professional tool, and cloud editors are great for collaboration.

9. How to Get Perfect Audio in Adobe Premiere and Audition [9]

Audio quality is critical, and readers have made this 2011 instructional video by Jan Ozer a trusted recourse.

10. Every Online Video Platform (OVP) on the Market: A Reference List [10]

Looking for an OVP? Look here first. This guide to every OVP around (courtesy of our good friend VidCompare [11]) is just as useful as the day we posted it.

Top ten image [12] via Shutterstock.