Epoxy Lets Companies Get Social With Their Online Videos

Even for companies that actively create online videos and run well-curated YouTube channels, driving results on social networks can be difficult. Increasingly, social is proving more important than search when it comes to driving views. People take their friends’ advice on what to watch, and love to share their favorites with others. Tapping into those networks can be a challenge.

Coming to the rescue is Epoxy, a company that was founded last year but released its innovative set of social marketing tools in May. Epoxy connects a company’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, letting companies do more with their video assets, learning what works and what doesn’t.

Epoxy tools are available through an online interface, and they’re designed to let companies create engaged fan bases across platforms. Engagement tools let companies share their videos across platforms in ways that are optimized for each platform. Insight tools show how many viewers are tuning in and sharing, letting companies understand what succeeds so they can build on it. Epoxy also offers a professional-looking video player, so companies don’t have to rely on YouTube for their online streaming.

“We heard time and again from creators that success in online video is actually about social,” says Jason Ahmad, co-founder and chief product officer for Epoxy. “Epoxy bridges the gap between video and social in a way that’s foundational for anyone who thinks their fans are the most important part of their world.”



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