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5 Steps to Creating Corporate Online Video Like the Pros Do

Want your company’s online videos to look professional? Of course you do. The secret is out: London-based video production company TellyJuice has created this list of five golden rules for creating quality video.

1. Don’t Sell, Educate

“Audiences don’t want to be told how great your service or product is, they’ll decide for themselves,” says TellyJuice. Instead, use your videos to educate consumers about your products or issues they’re likely facing.

2. Keep It Short

How short is short enough? TellyJuice says two minute is ample time to present your video, however one minute is even better. Keep those videos practical, useful, and — especially — concise.

3. Tell a Story

This is huge. The way to use online video and social networking effectively is to engage with your audiences. “People aren’t inspired to act through logic and reason: A story engages with emotions and emotions sell,” TellyJuice says. Marketing isn’t about presenting services, but about telling stories that draw your customers in.

4. Be True to Your Brand

How do you identify the unique characteristics of your brand? Look to your company’s culture, tone of voice, and brand identity. Pull that into your videos and be consistent. That unique voice will help you distinguish your brand and will help build customer loyalty.

TellyJuice5. Include a Call to Action

Once viewers have watched your video, tell them what to do next. “Highlight your contact details, offer more detailed information, a free quote, or no strings chat,” TellyJuice suggests.


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