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Understanding the Science and Art of YouTube Video SEO Success

What happens when a brand searches its own name on YouTube and none of its own videos come up? The brand knows it has a problem, that’s what.

Posting videos to YouTube is only the beginning. Brands need to use video SEO techniques to ensure their videos come up in the right search rankings. At the recent Ubertube Brand Summit, Andreas Goeldi, chief technology officer for YouTube marketing specialist Pixability explained why video SEO is important.

SEO-LG“YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, so you definitely want to be found for your product name and obviously your brand name,” Goeldi said. “The reason why that is is that many brands completely underestimate how important video SEO (search engine optimization) is on YouTube. There’s a whole science and art to video SEO; it’s quite a bit different from traditional SEO.”

Luckily for brands, there are several specific and simple steps they can take to improve their YouTube search success.

“You simply need good content, because YouTube actually rewards you if you have a lot of watch-time, if people actually watch your videos,” Goeldi explained. “You have to invest in metadata: get proper titles, tagging, thumbnail pictures and so on. All of this has a huge influence. Finally, you get better distribution by encouraging people to embed your videos on other websites and share it in social media.”

Watch the full video below to hear more about YouTube video SEO success, as well as how to create videos that will keep customers engaged at every step of the marketing funnel.


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