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How to Create Branded Videos That Get Watched and Shared

Not sure where to begin with online video? They answer might be right there in your company’s headquarters.

At the recent Streaming Media East conference, we sat down with Jamison Tilsner, a strategic accounts lead for YouTube marketing specialist Pixability, to learn how companies can succeed with branded entertainment. First off, Tilsner offered a definition of what branded entertainment is, and what it means for online video.

JamisonTilsner“Branded entertainment, I think, is sort of a catch-all term that refers to any time a brand engages in the process of developing content,” Tilsner said. “It could be a brand’s own YouTube channel; it could be brand’s integration with an existing TV show or TV channel. We’re focused on the types of content that brands can create to engage with other audiences on YouTube in an organic way. So, creating the content that the core audience on YouTube really wants to see and wants to engage with.”

Creating that kind of video doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Informational videos are in demand with customers, and companies usually have strong information resources in-house. Put those experts on-camera and let them answer customer questions that will provide info and move prospective buyers down the sales funnel.

“I think it’s about authenticity at the end of the day. You know, brands have a lot of expertise in-house, and it’s expertise that consumers want to be able to consume in a way that’s organic, right?” Tilsner said. “Just sharing information, providing insight into any particular topic space, and being open about what’s being provided is really the way to capture the hearts and minds of the community on YouTube.”

For more on creating branded online videos, watch the full video interview below.


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