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Why B2B Needs Online Video Just as Much as Consumer Brands

Consumer-facing brands have been quick to adopt online video and YouTube marketing as essentials for reaching their customers, while B2B companies have been more conservative. Those companies need to understand that online video has just as much to offer the B2B space.

RobertWeissHow people shop is changing, and that goes for businesses, as well. Online video is often the first resource people turn to when researching a product or service. Here’s how Robert Weiss, president of video production and marketing company MultiVisionDigital, explains it:

“If you think about the sales process that most B2B companies go through, you have the awareness, you have the conversion, and you have the nurturing,” Weiss says. “Video can play a role in all those critical stages. Number one, the awareness: People go out, they don’t like salespeople anymore, so they’re really going to go out and look for a solution when they need it.”

B2B companies are often unsure what types of videos they should create. The answer is right in front of you, Weiss explains.

“You don’t need to look farther than your website and some of the paper material that you have currently,” Weiss says. “Dig into your sales process. What are some of the things that people want to know when they say ‘Can you send me some information?’ What do you send them?”

For more advice on how B2B companies can benefit from online video, watch the full video below.


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