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YouTube’s Guide to Creating Brand Content People Want to Watch

For brands, finding success on YouTube means thinking less like TV commercial-makers and more like independent viral video-makers. That strategy is part of the YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands, an essential download for anyone creating branded video.

In section 2 of the Playbook, YouTube presents 10 fundamentals for creating content people love. It’s a great place to start when brainstorming for topics. You don’t need to use each of these fundamentals, the Playbook says, but you do need to figure out which ones will best engage your audience.

1. Sharable Content

DollarShaveClubGetting videos shared is an important tool for building viewers. To make content that’s more likely to be shared, consider integrating trending subjects, bringing out a strong emotion in the viewer, appealing to people’s values, or creating an ongoing series with break-out potential. Dollar Shave Club (shown here) used humor to make its first video a viral success.

2. Collaboration

Whatever audience you’re looking for, it’s on YouTube. One way to get in front of that audience is to collaborate with video-makers who already serve your targeted demographics. Remember that online viewers are turned off by standard endorsements, so think of clever ways to integrate your product (and be transparent about what you’re doing).

3. Discoverable Topics

There’s so much content on YouTube that it can be hard to stand out. Make your content discoverable by creating videos on highly-searched topics or trending events.

4. Accessibility

Even if you’re making a series of videos, remember that viewers won’t necessarily start from the beginning. Make sure that each video can stand alone, so that new viewers don’t feel shut out.

5. Consistency

If you want your viewers to come back for more entertaining content, you’ve got to be consistent. That could mean posting on a regular schedule, repeating the same elements in each video, using the same format each time, speaking in a consistent voice, or any combination of those elements.

6. Targeting

Decide exactly what viewers you want to reach, study their likes, and design your videos to reflect their interests. Use YouTube Analytics to see what audiences are responding to your videos.

7. Sustainability

Once you’ve got a series of videos people want to watch, make sure you can sustain that effort. Be sure that you have resources in-house or with an agency to create content for the long-term, and make sure your format has longevity.

8. Converse With Viewers

Listen to what your viewers have to say. They want to feel they have a role in shaping your brand. Ask for feedback and respond to their comments.

9. Interactive Content

Bring viewers into the creative process. Share their feedback in your videos, let them dictate video topics, and listen to what they say. They’ll be loyal if they have a sense of ownership with the brand.

10. Authenticity

Viewers respond when companies and brands speak from the heart. Share your authentic values, show real-life fan stories, or tell the history of your brand. Bring authentic passion to every video, and never try to be fake on YouTube.

Sound good? Download the full YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands for more essential advice.


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