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Understanding the New Rules of Branded Videos

Advertisers and marketers have to work harder than ever when creating content for the web. A branding campaign that gets results on TV might not do as well online. Instead, ads need to stand on their own as entertaining or informative content.

At the recent Beet.TV Content Marketing Summit held in New York City, Joe Migliozzi, New York lead for digital at marketing services agency Mindshare, explained some of the new rules of branded videos. Brands need to look at the various platforms available online, understand the value of each, and place videos where they’ll perform best.

MindshareMigliozzi“I think it’s really understanding how the consumer’s using that particular platform, how video’s being consumed on that platform, making sure that it fits in with that,” Migliozzi explained. “There’s other things you can do, as well. If it’s a platform where the consumer might be trying to find more information about that particular brand, then potentially have an informational type of video to fit it there. But if it’s more an awareness or entertainment type of play, then that’s how the brand should approach that.”

The viewers are in control online, and if they don’t like a piece of content they’ll ignore it. If it touches them, however, they’ll pass it along.

“What we’re starting to see is the consumer is more in control of the experience of what they want on the web,” Migliozzi said. “There’s a bit of responsibility on the advertiser that that piece of content deliver some utility for them. It may be entertainment if it’s placed in those right areas, or it might be a how-to video on that particular brand placed in the right environments, as well.”

Once a brand has launched a video campaign, it won’t need to wait long to learn whether or not it hit the mark.

“If you are disappointing the consumer, you’ll find out soon, but if you are providing value then they’ll share it with their friends,” Migliozzi added.

To see the full interview, used courtesy of Beet.TV, watch the video below. It touches on Vine, the end of post-and-pray, and the future of interactive advertising.


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