TailoredMail Debuts True Video Emails for Every Mail System

Marketers that want to send videos to their customers typically have the option of sending an image of the video and having customers click to see it in a web browser or using a proprietary system that will only play in a minority of email clients. At the 2014 NAB conference, TailoredMail announced that it has finally solved the problem, launching a service that will play in-email video to most viewers, that works with any email client, and that doesn’t require marketers to send from proprietary software.

TailoredMailTailoredMail’s solution lets marketers use whatever email system they’re already using and plays video for over half of the recipients. Marketers start by uploading their video to the TailoredMail online system. Customers get an unlimited amount of cloud storage for video. The marketer then creates an HTML snippet that they load in their email program when creating their marketing message. The snippet lets most recipients see and play video in an email message. If the email client doesn’t support video, recipients see an animated GIF. If their email client doesn’t support GIFs, recipients see a still frame from the video. The marketer can choose the frame.

Most recipients won’t need the fallback, as videos will play in Apple desktop and iOS clients, Android 2.2 to 4.0 email clients, Outlook, Hotmail, and more. Thanks to the fallback options, viewers will never experience a broken image.

When creating the HTML snippet, marketers can decide if they want the video to autoplay or play without sound. They can also customize the video so the first frame displays a message with the recipient’s name. Creating a video email campaign takes only five minutes, the company says.

The TailoredMail system includes detailed analytics so that marketers can see exactly which recipients played a video, and see how much each viewer watched. Shorter videos – those under two minutes – get better results, TailoredMail says. Analytics also show which recipients clicked through to the brand site, so marketers understand exactly how well their marketing campaigns are doing.

TailoredMail’s service will cost $250 per month for small companies with mailing lists under 25,000 people. Larger companies need to call for pricing. However, the service is launching in beta and allowing beta users to try it for only a $100 account setup fee.


The TailoredMail interface.


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