Buzzcard Becomes Busivid, an App-Based System for Business Video

One of this site’s favorite discoveries of 2013, Buzzcard, is no more. Buzzcard was a super-simple system for creating and distributing branded videos on a smartphone. We liked it so much we used it to record our own interviews, such as the two at right.

Buzzcard isn’t around anymore, but that’s because the company has changed its name and expanded what the product can do. The tool is now called Busivid, and Busivid isn’t just one tool, it’s several. It’s a suite of apps that share the same goal of helping businesses use video more effectively.

BusividBusivid is still setting up, so only one of its news apps is currently available in the iTunes Store. Called Busivid Direct, it’s meant for sales teams and it lets companies create multiple online video channels for various groups. Users can sign into the app and see the videos for their group. They can then email or message videos to prospective customers, and even get detailed analytics showing when videos were played, how long they were viewed, and if they were shared. The app ties in with CRM systems such as Salesforce so that sales teams can view video data for their clients.

Soon, Busivid will offer related apps, such as Busivid Create, which will be the successor to Buzzcard. It’s for quickly branding videos and posting them to brand channels on online sharing sites.

The upcoming Busivid Wire will be for internal use, letting companies share videos with employees. Each team will see its own set of videos. Push notifications will alert employees when there’s a new video they should see. Also, the upcoming Busivid Cast will let brands create outward-facing apps for events. Customers will be able to download the app and use it to watch related videos. The app will connect with a company’s existing login system.

While Buzzcard was targeted to small businesses, the Busivid line has bigger goals. Pricing for each app starts at $50 per user per month, with a three license minimum.  Both Busivid Wire and Busivid Cast require special branded apps, which cost $2,000 to set up. Busivid Wire, the internal product, costs an additional $5 per seat per month for the company’s employees.

Existing Buzzcard users will get notifications soon that they need to upgrade to the Busivid Create app.

Buzzcard did a great job of making video recording, branding, and distribution easy enough for anyone, and Busivid builds on that foundation. While a useful tool has gone away, something even better is rising in its place.


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