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5 Ways to Optimize Your Videos for YouTube

With so much content already on YouTube, brands can’t afford to “post and pray.” Don’t take it for grated that your customers will find your videos. Instead, follow these five tips, adapted from The YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands, to help your work get discovered.


It’s quick, easy, and it should be done for every video you post: Write optimized titles, tags, and descriptions. This information is used by YouTube’s search engine, and is the easiest way to bring in interested viewers.

Write titles that are descriptive and that make people want to click. Put keywords at the beginning of the title and branding at the end, YouTube says. Tags should be a mix of general and specific terms.


Think of thumbnails as mini marketing posters. Make them high-quality and be sure they accurately represent the video’s contents. When shooting each video, try to include one shot that would make a strong thumbnail. Include colors or images that are consistent with your brand.


A feature unique to YouTube, annotations let you add relevant information to a video, such as getting viewers to subscribe or watch other brand videos. If you’re doing a series of videos, for example, you can use annotations to point viewers to the next installment. Be careful not to overdo it, though, or it starts to feel like spam.


It might feel like a chore, but organizing your videos into relevant playlists makes sense. It lets viewers lean back and watch multiple videos with little effort. You might organize videos around themes or tent-pole events.

Channel Experience

Don’t just focus on the videos; think about your channel, as well. YouTube provides tools to customize the look of each channel. Keep the page organized so that viewers will return for new content. Upload a channel icon and write a description that highlights what’s important about your brand.

For more tips, download The YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands.


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