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The Ze Frank Interview: The Social Element to Video Marketing

Online video marketing isn’t just about pushing a product. It’s about creating a relationship with consumers and joining in a larger cultural conversation. Ze Frank finds it a great area to work in.

ZeFrankWhile at the South by Southwest conference, we were thrilled to be able to sit down with the legendary Ze Frank to talk online video marketing. Frank is the executive vice president of video for BuzzFeed, as well as the creator of “A Show With Ze Frank” and “The Show with Ze Frank.”

Social branded video is an exciting area right now, and brands are bringing new depth to advertising.

“I think brands are starting to think about, well, maybe they have opportunities to participate in content conversations that are more honest, more in-depth, more socially relevant than the advertising we’ve been used to for the last 30 years or so,” Frank said.

In the interview, Frank talks about the optimal length for branded online videos, whether or not brands should work with influencers to spread their message, and which metric is the most important one of all:

“The metric that I’m the most interested in and that I think is probably the most relevant, even for first-time brands, would be shareability,” Frank said. “There’s a lot of different ways through surveys and things like that you can look at brand lifts and where the ROI is, in terms of the funnel, but those take scale and they take a lot of time and everything like that.”

Frank also offered advice for brands on bringing creativity to their videos. Watch the full Ze Frank interview below.


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