Where Should Advertisers Place Their Ads? Go Long, Says FreeWheel

When advertisers place video ads online, they want to make sure those ads get seen. That means placing the ads on content viewers want to watch and looking for places with high completion rates. According to a 2013 Q4 report from online monetization specialist FreeWheel, the best place to look is long-form content.

People are increasingly going long when it comes to online video, notes FreeWheel. While quick clips will always be popular, long-form content — defined as video over 20 minutes in length — showed an 86 percent year-over-year increase in ad views. That’s far better than the growth shown for short (22 percent) or mid-form (13 percent) video content.

FreeWheel13Q4Not only are ad views increasing on long-form content, but completion rates are unrivaled. For long-form video, 15-second ads enjoyed a 92 percent completion rate, while 30-seocnd ads got a 90 percent completion rate. That’s higher than the rates for short and mid-form content. It makes sense: If viewers want to watch a long program — perhaps to catch up on a primetime program they missed — they’re not going to be turned off by a couple ad breaks.

Speaking of ad breaks, FreeWheel found that viewers saw an average of 3.2 video ads per break in the fourth quarter of 2013, compared to a 2.8 ad average one year earlier. Viewers seem to be tolerating the increased ad load, which is still less than the ad load for broadcast programs.

For more video advertising stats, download FreeWheel’s Video Monetization Report Q4 2013 for free (registration required).


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