WeVideo Adds Callouts, Text Options, Speed Improvements

It sounds like this has been a warm winter for collaborative online video editor WeVideo. In October, it announced that it had 350,000 active users. This week, it announced that it now has over two million active users. Now that’s a growth spurt.

One reason people like WeVideo is that it’s constantly adding new features and improving the old ones. Just because it’s an online editor doesn’t mean it should be underpowered.

WeVideoCalloutsFor example, WeVideo just announced that its 4.0 release offers callouts, as in the image here. Editors can add colorful text highlights with arrows to point out elements in their videos. It’s a fun touch with a contemporary look.

Version 4.0 also includes several new text customization features. While text graphics aren’t new to WeVideo, these customization features are. Editors get 16 new fonts, plus a color selector where they can choose any color at all. They can control the opacity for text and the text’s background, creating whatever look they want. The text controls are now simplified and more intuitive.

This version also offers faster rendering and smoother performance.

WeVideo runs on mobile devices, as well, and the Android app now exports to 720p and 1080p, runs on Android OS 4.4, and supports emoji.

If your office is looking for a simple way to shape up online videos, take a look at WeVideo. If there’s a feature you want but aren’t seeing, let the company know. It might just add it in the next release.


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