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Video Marketers Need to Raise the Bar in 2014

Video marketing was a major trend in 2013, with agencies and brands understanding the need to create original online video and use it to engage with customers. In 2014, video marketers will need to up their game, putting more time, effort, and creativity into online video.

That’s the advice of Demand Metric, a marketing advisory firm that recently issued an outlook study spelling out what challenges will face the industry in the coming year.

2014“The most significant trend of 2013 was video marketing,” writes Demand Metric research analyst Kristen Maida. While video marketing didn’t emerge in 2013, she notes that that was the year creating online video and getting it shared became urgent for marketers. The key to doing that was producing relevant, engaging videos targeted at the desired audience.

The change for 2014, Maida writes, is to build on that foundation and grow like crazy. Marketers need to bump up their video output considerably. Video will be the most used and shared type of online content within two years, she says. Social networking will remain the best way to get videos shared, so marketers will need to stay on top of social media trends to ensure they’re focusing on the ones best for their brands.

“In 2013, online video and video marketing went mainstream,” agrees Phi Schmidt, a senior research analyst for Demand Metric. The trend goes hand-in-hand with the rise of mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads.

In 2014, consumers will look to online video for brand marketing messages, Schmidt says. They’ll expect high-quality professional video — accessible on all devices — as part of their shopping experience. Create low-quality video or offer streams that constantly buffer and you’ll lose those buyers.

Not only do videos need to get more professional in 2014, they need to get more interactive. Make a big impression and engage viewers by adding interactive elements to your videos this year.

For many more marketing insights for the year ahead, download the Demand Metric outlook study for free (no registration required).

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