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Short Is an Art Form for Online Video Marketing

It’s time to get small, online video marketers.

Driven by hot properties Instagram and Vine, the average online brand video is getting shorter, reports Jordan Bitterman, chief strategy officer, North America, for Mindhshare. While quick to say that long form isn’t going away and still has it’s place, Bitterman notes that short videos are completely of-the-moment.

InstagramNot everyone is good at packing entertainment and branding into a tight 6- or 15-second bundle, which is why Mindshare has started looking at candidates’ Instagram and Vine creations when hiring, searching for people skilled at ultra short form video creation.

“We’re right now actually going out and recruiting for content creators to work at Mindshare in a content creation capacity who have very rich Vine portfolios,” Bitterman says.

Besides being short, Instagram and Vine videos need to be culturally relevant down to the minute to be part of the larger online conversation. In the video below, used courtesy of, Bitterman talks about adaptive marketing, which means reacting quickly to daily shifts. Adaptive marketing allows brands to show relevancy online and engage with consumers in a more natural manner. Creating brand video that quickly requires a strong sense of timing and cultural trends, but at least you don’t need to write much of a script for a 6- or 15-second video.

“There’s a science and an art and a method to being able to communicate in short form to consumers these days, and those who do it very well can be very helpful for our clients,” Bitterman adds.

Watch the full interview below.

Instagram image via PiXXart / Shutterstock.


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