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The 8% Difference: What Interactive Video Ads Deliver

What’s the difference between a standard video ad and a video ad with some type of interactivity? On average, eight percent effectiveness.

Tremor Video has been a leader in offering interactive ads, and it sees a real payoff for brands. For one thing, says Doron Wesly, head of market strategy for Tremor, when people interact with an ad they’re spending more time with that brand.

InteractiveVideo“Instead of having just a passive video where it comes over you and it tells you a story, the viewer can then actually choose to interact and be part of that story in some form or fashion, either through shopping in it or through actually interacting with it or socializing with it,” Wesly says. “The end goal for us, right, is obviously to have a person want to engage with a brand for longer than 15 or 30 seconds.”

When brands can inspire with an ad, they open up new horizons to their viewers. Plus, spending more time with an ad can only be good for a brand, Wesly notes. While Tremor saw little interest in interactive ads when it first began offering them, it now sees broad interest for use on all platforms. Some examples that worked well this holiday season were stores that offered an interactive look-book after a video and movies that offered extended trailers. Adding interactivity isn’t just about creating a social element for an ad, but seeing what that social element can drive.

To quantify the value of interactive ads, Tremor has been measuring what they do to viewer engagement.

“What we saw is an eight percent lift between people who just watch the ads and increase their intent to purchase of that particular brand, versus people who actually watched and engaged with it,” Wesly says.

Viewers of TV ads have a two percent intent to purchase, but online interactive ads can up that number by eight percent. That’s a huge increase. While there’s the chance that viewers see interactive ads as a curiosity and that intent to purchase number could drop, Wesly says its stable so far. That number is an average, by the way: some verticals, such as beauty, offer higher engagement rates with interactive video ads, while others are lower.

To hear more about the benefits of interactive video ads, watch the full interview below, used courtesy of

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