Schneider Offers Lenses for iPad, iPhone, and Galaxy

This is the week for iPhone videography, it seems. Just a few days ago brought you word of new Olloclip lenses for the iPhone. Now, Schneider Optics has introduced new iPro lenses, as well, and it isn’t stopping with the iPhone: It offers lenses for the iPad Mini and Galaxy S4, as well.

iProLensGroupSchneider’s compact lenses are now compatible with even more devices. They work with the iPhone 5, 5S, 4, 4S, iPad Mini, and Galaxy S4.

The iPro lenses take a different form than the Olloclip lenses. While the Olloclip lenses clip on a corner of the phone, iPro offers a complete case with a spot for the lens to screw in. The exception is the iPad Mini lens, which clips on and can be used on either side, so it works with the iPad Mini’s user-facing camera, as well.

It’s the system of cases and detachable lenses that make the iPro flexible. Once you’ve got an iPro case for your phone, you can attach iPro lens as needed. The company offers wide angle, super wide angle, fisheye, 2.5x macro and 2x telephoto lenses. Shop for lenses individually or buy a kit that includes multiple lenses. While the new lenses are currently only available for pre-order, Schneider says they’ll be delivered by Christmas.


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