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One to Watch: Viso Flipside Offers Helpful Advice to YouTubers

Want to increase your views? Of course you do. Stop by the Viso Flipside channel on YouTube and hit the Subscribe button. It’s packed with lessons, all delivered in fast-paced, fun-to-watch videos.

While the channel exists to help promote Viso (a network of YouTube creators) and Viso Catalyst (its platform for video optimization), the videos offer worthwhile tips for any creator. A video on increasing YouTube views advices that titles:

  • Be accurate regarding the video content.
  • Be fresh and catchy.
  • Be searchable (use descriptive terms that viewers are likely to search on).

That video also offers advice on writing effective tags for a video. Viewers will mostly come across your videos by searching, so be sure to offer useful tags for them to find.

VisoAnother video on creating custom thumbnails offers tips on what makes an effective thumbnail:

  • Choose a bright, visible, high-resolution image that will look clear in any format.
  • Faces make for clickable thumbnails. Viewers are often attracted to faces.
  • Don’t be misleading — use a thumbnail that gives a good idea of the video’s contents.

Other videos on the channel teach how to stream live video on YouTube, how to develop a YouTube channel, and how to use YouTube annotations.

It’s good advice and it’s free, something every YouTuber needs.

Scroll down for Viso Flipside’s tips on writing an effective video title.


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