It’s Official: Facebook Rules for Social Network Video Marketing

When trying to get a little brand buzz going for an online video campaign, which social network is the most important? Facebook by a long shot. The competition isn’t even close.

VAN-SocialNetworksVideo advertising agency the Viral Ad Network (VAN) analyzed data from over 1,000 top trending viral videos featured in its weekly viral chart in 2013 in order to understand how video links are shared online. It found that Facebook and Twitter were the clear video sharing leaders. Facebook accounted for 82 percent of the video sharing, while Twitter accounted for 11 percent. After that, Google+ got 5 percent of the shares, while Pinterest, LinkedIn, Delicious, and Stumble Upon all got 1 percent or less.

That means Facebook and Twitter control over 90 percent of viral video sharing online. For video marketers, these are the places to invest the most time and resources. While the two networks are important, however, they’re far from equal. Comparing just those two, Facebook accounts for 88 percent of the video shares, compared to 12 percent for Twitter. VAN notes that Facebook’s video sharing has increased, as it had 86 percent of the shares in 2012.

That’s not the only reason to invest more time in Facebook. Citing research by Bitly, VAN notes that the average half life of a link on Facebook is longer than on Twitter (3.2 hours compared to 2.8 hours). That means friends and followers will give an extra 24 minutes of attention to video links shared on Facebook.


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