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Gemperle Farms Online Videos Get Egg-celent Results

A note for any marketers that think their company isn’t suited to online video: Think again. You don’t need to work in an online or tech-related company to create interesting online videos. For proof, just look at what Gemperle Farms is doing

Gemperle Farms is a family-run operation in the middle of California. It produces enriched, organic, and cage-free eggs.

GemperleThe people at Gemperle got creative when it came time to create online videos. While they have videos you’d expect — about their birds and how an egg ranch works — they have plenty of videos you wouldn’t. For example, science and crafts videos give parents fun projects to do with their kids. One science video shows how to get an unbroken egg inside a glass bottle. A craft video shows how to make a spider for Halloween.

Gemperle learned quickly about the type of simple production values that work best. Most of its videos have a single presenter in a well-lit studio. The audio is loud enough and visuals illustrate what the presenter is saying. The videos have a signature look, one that doesn’t cost a fortune to create. Gemperle’s videos are hosted on YouTube, the best free option.

Besides simply posting videos, Gemperle is building some excitement around its efforts by holding a contest. Viewers are asked to watch some of Gemperle’s videos and then send an email to enter the contest. The prizes are Amazon gift cards. Find the contest information on this blog page.

“The contest aims to cultivate a richer, more interactive experience for our customers,” says company president Steve Gemperle. “Our educational videos are the ideal platform to teach kids about the Gemperle Egg Ranch, but really it’s all about having fun.”

No matter what your company does, you’ve got lessons to share. Get creative with online video and start building an audience.


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