Watchitoo Updates StreamingPro Platform, Focuses on Engagement

When releasing a YouTube video isn’t enough, give Watchitoo a look. This face-to-face video communication company upgraded its StreamingPro cloud-based video collaboration platform this week at the Streaming Media West conference in sunny Huntington Beach, California. The result lets brands more easily deliver interactive streaming video experiences to their fans.

StreamingPro lets brands embed interactive video experiences in their pages, so fans can chat, tweet, take a poll, or more while watching a video. The upgraded version makes the platform easier and more useful.

WatchitooLogoThe changes are clear from log-in. The interface now makes it clear from the start what users can do, such as creating a new event. One possibility is to offer on-demand video, a new option for StreamingPro. Previously, users could only create live video events. Now, they can record ahead of time and offer on-demand streams. That means viewers can watch videos on their own schedules. When the video experience is ready, users can embed it in their pages or send viewers a link to a page hosted by Watchitoo.

StreamingPro offers new branding options that let users load a logo, customize the colors, and add a background. When users get a link to a Watchitoo-hosted page, they’ll see the video experience with the custom branded environment.

StreamingPro users can now set up their poll questions in advance, which is one less thing to worry about during a live video event. While StreamingPro had a video editor previously, it’s now easier to find and has been enhanced with searchable time stamps.

A Watchitoo rep at Streaming Media West says the company gets a lot of interest from church groups and startups, and is a popular option for webinars and lectures. For major clients, it counts Bravo, A&E, J.P. Morgan, and the U.S. State Department. Video sessions can have up to 25 contributors on camera, with hundreds of thousands more watching. For more details, visit



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