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Video Succeeds in Email Marketing: 6 Out of 10 Marketers Use It

Would you believe that 60 percent of U.S. marketers are using video in their email campaigns? It’s a surprisingly high number, since videos themselves can’t be included in email messages. But that’s one finding in the third annual business video marketing survey conducted by the Web Video Marketing Council [1]. This is OnlineVideo.net’s third and final look at that report.

Survey3That 60 percent figure is an increase from 52 percent the year before. The survey also found that 26 percent of marketers are thinking about using video in email campaigns.

Since almost no email clients or ISPs (internet service providers) support videos embedded directly in an email, the survey asked marketers how they were using it. The highest number — 51 percent — link to a video landing page or a video in a website. Next, 24 percent link to a video player, 4 percent link to a page on a  video sharing network, and 3 percent put an animated GIF in their emails.

Even though marketers need clever workarounds to give the appearance of video in an email campaign, 34 percent of respondents rated video email marketing as very effective and 48 called it somewhat effective. This is a slight decrease from the previous year. Perhaps that’s because the novelty of email marketing is diminishing, the survey suggests. Still, over 60 percent of the respondents said that customers were more likely to make a sale after viewing a video email.

For more survey results, download the entire report [2] (registration required).