Octoly Points the Way to Turning YouTubers Into Brand Ambassadors

There are videos your company puts on YouTube and there are videos other people put out about your company. While unofficial videos might scare some marketers, Octoly sees them as an opportunity.

OctolyRankingsOctoly is a French company that’s been measuring the amount of owned media on YouTube (official videos created by brands) and earned media (unofficial videos about brands created by YouTubers). In doing so, Octoly has found some interesting facts. For one thing, there’s a lot more earned media on YouTube than owned media. It found that user-generated videos about brands are viewed 10 times more often than official videos. It calls this mass of earned media “the hidden video footprint of brands on YouTube.”

Up until now, there wasn’t much brands could do about unofficial videos, except hope for the best and stay part of the conversation. But Octoly has created rankings that let some brands do more.

To create the Octoly earned media rankings, the company monitored videos for 1,000 brands, looking for both official and unofficial videos. Then it created rankings dividing the brands into categories and showing the top earned video-makers for each. Click on a video creator to see how many brand-related videos he or she has made and how many views each video has received.

What makes this ranking useful is that brand marketers can use it to identify influential YouTubers who like their products, then work with them to become brand ambassadors. Sometime in the first quarter of 2014 Octoly will release a brand management platform that lets any company monitor its earned media on YouTube.


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