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New YouTube Feature Offers to Find Fans for You

Add Fan Finder to the list of things that YouTube gives away for free. This new feature is aimed at helping channels of any size find new viewers and subscribers. All you need to do is create is create a video showing off your company or brand’s channel. YouTube does the rest.

FanFinderOnce you’ve created an introductory video, submit it at YouTube’s Fan Finder page [1]. YouTube will then turn it into a TrueView video ad and show it before some video views, targeting the viewers mostly likely to enjoy your content. Since this is a TrueView ad, viewers will have the option to skip it after five seconds. Or, they could watch the full ad and click over to your channel.

To help video-makers gets started with a video ad on Fan Finder, YouTube suggests these five tips:

1. Keep the ad short and try to engage new viewers. Target your video to people who won’t have heard of your company or brand before. Viewers can skip your ad after five seconds, so entertain and engage from the start.

2. Don’t just tell the viewers what your channel is about — show them. Give them a reason to want to click over.

3. This is an ad, so be direct. Let viewers know why they should view your videos and even subscribe.

4. Include a call to action. This means telling your viewers what to do. In this case, you want them to watch your videos and subscribe to your channel.

5. Make sure your brand information is clear throughout the video, so viewers will remember you after the video ad is over.

For more on YouTube’s Fan Finder, and to view examples of ads, check out the Fan Finder page [2].