YouTube Creates Communications Manager Position for Channels

Managing successful YouTube and Google+ channels is too big a task for one person, so now YouTube has made it easier to assign roles. The site now lets channel owners designate another person as a communications manager, giving that manager limited responsibilities and partial channel access.

YouTubeCommunicationsMgrThe communications manager engages with the fans and viewers, but doesn’t have anything to do with adding or editing content. Since YouTube and Google+ channels are linked together (both are Google properties), the communications manger gets responsibilities on both channels — although only on Google+ at the start.

The communications manager can post and moderate comments on a Google+ account; this will soon expand this to include managing YouTube comments, as well. The manager can also review Google+ notifications and organize circles of followers.

Just as important is what the communications manager can’t do. This person can’t work in the video manager, upload videos or other content, see the analytics, authenticate the use of third-party tools, or add or remove other managers to the channel.

Add a communications manager by going to your Google+ channel and opening the Managers tab on the dashboard. As social networking becomes more important to every type of business, it’s great to see Google adding tools that make channel management easier.

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