WeVideo Opens Up Paid Features to All Users

It seems like WeVideo updates are becoming a monthly occurrence. The collaborative online video editor has released a major one this time: Previously, only paid WeVideo subscribers could use some advanced editing controls, such as Fit to Screen, Fit to Frame, Scale, and Position. As of today, these controls are available to all users in all editing modes. That means even people working in the extremely easy Storyboard mode can flip their images or perform crops.

WeVideoLouvreWhile that would be enough for this month, WeVideo has a few other announcements. Due to demand from around the globe, WeVideo has begun translating its service for non-English speakers. It’s now available in Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Japanese, and Arabic, as well.

The WeVideo team also responded to critiques of its Ken Burns effect, which lets editors give still images (or even videos) an animated look by moving in or out. WeVideo’s developers started from scratch and rebuilt the tool, using a new algorithm and wrapping it up in an improved user interface. Look for it under the FX tab. Pick the beginning and ending frames for the effect, and WeVideo will fill in the rest.

Finally, WeVideo has added more video tutorials to its help system, so if something confuses you (like the new Ken Burns effect) you can call up the help video for that feature and see how it works.


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