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Vine Is On-Trend as Micro Video Gets Big in 2014

Rather than thinking of big video marketing projects for 2014, think small. Micro video, meaning quick-and-easy videos shot by apps like Vine and Instragram, are going to become big business in the next year.

That prediction comes from Forbes magazine, which recently ran a feature on the top seven social media marketing trends for the upcoming year. Number four on the list is the rise of micro video.

VineWith the upsurge of micro video apps, video has at last become simple, quick, and easily sharable. Forget the days of editing home movies; today’s consumers prefer shooting and sharing quick clips as they go.

That consumer adoption has been noticed by marketers, who are already embracing the platform. AdWeek noted that General Electric hosted a Vine-based project this summer called “6 Second Science.” In this virtual science fair, GE encouraged people to create their own science demos and use the #6SecondScience hashtag. GE then re-Vined and blogged about the results. has already shared how Honda, Trident, and Dunkin Donuts have all used Vine in campaigns.

Vine is a smart platform for video marketers, since customers can take part in a campaign, creating their own entries, without investing much time or any money. Plus, the results are instantly sharable. While some companies enjoy the spontaneity of being able to make quick videos for fans, it’s the easy participation Vine offers that really sets it apart. Build Vine into an upcoming marketing campaign and encourage customers to make micro videos of their own.


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